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Review - The Esplanades

The Esplanades


Sorry lads, not at all impressed.

Started with Money, (Beatles), then Don’t Bring Me Down, (The Pretty Things), I Need You, (The Kinks), and then three songs I’d never heard in my life which as an ardent 60s lover, (who has seen all of the previously-mentioned bands & hundreds more), means they were likely self-penned.

I would imagine that with the exception of the first number, none of the audience had even heard of the The Pretty Things, let alone the song "Don’t Bring Me Down", (which although I bought it at the time, was only a very minor hit), or The Kinks song "I Need You", which again was one of the least-played and least-memorable of The Kinks chart entries.

If playing songs the audience didn’t know was some kind of attempt at superiority or musical prowess, I’m afraid it backfired and all it did was give an air of “who cares if you don’t know them; we do”: not the sensible attitude to adopt as a live act.

Needless to say, it left the audience bored & deciding “if you can’t play something we know, we’re off and won’t be seeing you again” and within 30 minutes, the previously-packed pub was noticeably much emptier.

Don’t think any of those that were present will be rushing back to see them, (except for us to do another review - hopefully an improved one).


In their defence, the numbers they played were well-performed but if the audience is clearly not of the age group that would know obscure 60s "hits", there should be a contingency plan to change tack and play the more famous 60s/70s hits.


Added note: to be fair, we have not reviewed this band for some time as they don't appear to have resurfaced locally, therefore they may now have a different line-up and/or playlist.


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