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Review - The Jefferson Archive


The Jefferson Archive


The Jefferson Archive tend to stray from the originals a little too much by being “creative”. First of all they have a tendency to make the vocal content incidental, (happening as a minor accompaniment), as opposed to an integral part of the song. This would suggest that the instrumental content must be of greater importance.


Secondly then, getting to the instrumental, why does a write-up by one of the band members describe Jefferson Tierney as “Not a well-rehearsed mimic, but a career musician and truly creative player whose quality and depth deliver an authentic and fitting homage to the Gods of Rock”.


Sorry, but an authentic and fitting homage to the “Gods of Rock” would be to try and replicate what they sang and played, not become “creative” and change the things that music-lovers loved so much that they made them “Gods”.


When major chart success was achieved by a band like Cream, the reason for both the song’s initial success and then continued recognition was/is down to the whole vocal/instrumental package. Each song by these great bands was vocally & instrumentally sound, (pardon the pun), including the well-known guitar breaks which played a large contribution to their success.


Most who go to live cover bands’ gigs like to hear just that; covers done as closely to the original as possible.


Going into a self-important solo that no-one recognises is, I feel, a little pretentious & self-indulgent.


In a nutshell, if The Jefferson Archive are so fond of their own interpretations, perhaps they should rename themselves from "The Jefferson Archive" to "The Jefferson Interpretation of Archived Greats"



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